Ok, now I am on multiple guitar forums and I go to gigs all around my area and all I see everywhere are teles and strats. What is the big thing with them? All the basses are fender. I dont get why all these hardcore/metal guys buy these fenders instead of a nice LTD for guitarists or Spector for bassists? I DISPISE fenders and even name brands. I bought an ESP, but thats just because it was a great guitar and good price and fit my style of music. Im buying a custom next but I just dont get the fender craze. For jazz and blues theyre perfect but for metal? They dont even fit the part. Its like putting Matthew Broderick in a war movie...
usually buy purchase equipment because they like the sound and tone.
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People like Fenders because they are first electric guitars in the world, or they sound great, or...
And btw, i like ESP's too
Fenders have amazing quality and tone, and theyre incredibly versatile. For shred? No probly not but I would still choose them over every other guitar make.
they buy them because theyre great guitars and they arent crazily over priced like gibsons

but i do agree with you that there are guitars out there that are alot better then fender for metal
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because they like them, 1 guitar isnt better than another, its a subject of taste. Now personally I dont particularly like Gibsons, I just dont, but fender's are my thing. They also are generally cheaper and have a more balanced sound, so are very good for younger people who dont have the money to spend $5,000 each on a guitar for every occasion.
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Fenders have amazing quality and tone, and theyre incredibly versatile. For shred? No probly not but I would still choose them over every other guitar make.

Look at malmsteen, he shreds with a fender.
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I dEspise Fender, too.

No, I don't. They make a quality product. The Stratocaster is the most versatile guitar ever made.

But when push comes to shove, it's a preference thing. You don't like Fender... watch the rest of us NOT give a shit.
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Since when do you have to have a certain guitar to play a certain genre?

Maybe they like Fenders because they're really versatile?
Can be customized a million different ways?
Play well?
Are comfortable?
Sound good?
Are high quality?
Are cheap in comparison to other name brands?
what he said- fenders are extremely versatile. and there's something nice knowing that 50 years of research, feedback from musicians, etc. went into your gear.

they work, why not get one?
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I don't like Fenders, but there's no need to rag on the people who do. It's their tone, let them be.
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I prefer Teles because they have an amazing clean tone and an amazing dirty tone. There's a reason so many famous guitarists use them. Fender basses are amazing too. I own a Spector bass, but I've played atleast four Fender basses that I like as much if not more. Their tone is great, their prices aren't bad, and some just look and feel amazing. Just because you have to defy convention by "dispising" name brands doesn't mean everyone else is going to steer clear because it's a name brand. It wouldn't be a name brand if it didn't have a history of being good.
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Look at malmsteen, he shreds with a fender.

Forgot about tht...
It is a matter of taste really, Fenders offer the most versatility and are reasonably priced.
cos fender rule......
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I wish a had a strat...

Seriously, a few or most of you must agree with me here: A vintage strat, be it black white or orange [insert desired colour] and being a little bit bashed up and slightly faded has to be one of the best looking guitars on the planet, and not only that but it is also one of the best sounding guitars on the planet.

Once i've got my new amp, im finding me a proper strat.
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You "dispise" name brands? You only get no-name pawnshop brands? Have fun getting a good guitar, then. Don't hate on brands just cos people like them. There's a reason everybody plays Fenders. You know why? They're good guitars.
i have no idea, i like blade better did hear an awesome sounding fender a while ago. still blades look better too imo
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Fender are a trustworthy brand of guitars that give you what everyone is asking for at a reasonable price. much better quality control than the likes of gibson etc.. I have my fender CIJ jag and I adore it, the neck feels perfect, short scale, very unique tone, very versatile, I would take a bullet for the thing.