i want to go to college to study music , but , i dont do music in Secondary(High) school. i play guitar , and am startin to learn keyboard , and tryin to read sheet music , wherever i can find it. can anybody give me a small list of things i should learn before trying to get into college? and anyone who studies music in college, or even better , teaches music , could you plaese help me out with what to learn , and what i should know. any help is much appreciated.
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You really need to understand and sight read sheet music that is a must. You might want to get really good at the piano since it will help your understanding of most other instruments. Also if you are going to study for guitar you need to know every chord and its dims, Minors, Majors, and suspended chords forms, then lastely be unique to your instrument(s)

Berklee is obviously one of the top music schools, but if you can meet what they require, you should be good. Also, you might want to check if other music schools have requirements listed, just to get an idea of what is generally required.