Poll: How many hours of TV do UGers watch, daily?
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View poll results: How many hours of TV do UGers watch, daily?
1-2 Hours
35 67%
3-4 Hours
11 21%
5-6 Hours
2 4%
Over 7 Hours
4 8%
Voters: 52.
I've noticed, I don't watch TV anymore as much as when I was younger. I've given up on modern music television channels period, and movies altogether (I've never really been into movies at all to be honest - I watch on average, 3 movies a year). Probably the only time I do watch TV is for the News and the odd documentary, which is beginning to be quite rare.

It's been about 4/5 years now. I cite university and music for the lack of interest and I don't miss TV one bit. In fact, I could deal without it for my entire life.

Poll to follow shortly.
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I hardly watch tv. Only if its late at night, and I'm talking on the phone or AIM, to someone boring.
All I watch on TV is: The simpsons, nevermind the buzzcocks...
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2 Pint of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, 2 episodes on BBC Three starting at 11:20 - 11:45. So an hour, though I sometimes switch TV on a little earlier in case there's anything good on.
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Not much.. Only when something interesting is on.. (Not more then an hour a day..)
depending on the day. usually 3-4 hours but half the time you cant call it watching, because ill have music choice on. other than that ill read or be on the phone.
Erm, 3 hours maybe
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About 30 minutes a day.
I'm so busy working, and all the Reality TV sh*t on TV, i just dont watch it anymore.
depends if there's an hockey game i want to watch...if not it's like an hour
seems that there aren't any good shows on tv anymore
Same. I only watch the new Family Guys on sundays and occasionaly fuse/vh1.
I used to watch so much though. Weird.
I've been watching a shitload of TV......it being the NFL playoffs and all. I also have HBO so I've been catching up on the last 3 seasons of The Sopranos, all seasons of The Wire, Deadwood and Carnival. I like to think it is all quality television....I don't watch MTV or any comparable shit.

School starts on Tuesday and I just got a job, so my television "consumption" will dramatically decrease in the next couple of weeks.
I watch a bit of TV, not much. On days I stay home sick, I'll watch five or six or seven hours of Comedy Central. but that's rare. Normally, I'll just watch TV when I come home for an hour if no one's home and before bed each night.
So only about an hour.