Verse 1
I've just been listenting to every word that comes out of your mouth
You talk about this love that we have for each other
I smile and nod just to convince myself it's true
Cuz I don't think you even want me around anymore

If you fell into the darkest hole
Would I be the first that you call out to or is someone taking my place
If I needed you the most
Would you lend me your hand or just turn the other way

Verse 2
I'm getting sick and tired of all your lies
Just what do you really think about me has our love faded
I'm just so confused right now
Just tell me what the hell you want me to do

All I know is I can't stand being second in this relationship
Call me pathetic call me what ever you please
All I know is I can't be with you anymore
I wish so badly that I could
Don't worry we'll still see each other in the end
I just hope for now we could just be friends
Maybe later on we can try to do this over again
It first seemed EMO, but then you wrote "Maybe later on we can try to do this over again" and that's not really EMO, that's just confusing. I didn't like it, it's way too obvious, nothing between the lines and the words are bad placed and with bad gramma.

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Quote by lil-matee
what is a solo?
i dont know, i think i kind of like it. i think it should be a little longer. and sometimes the flow isn't the best like in "just what do you really think about me has our love faded" personally i think has our love faded should be split to make another line. overall though i liked it. good job when you get it fixed up and finished could you send it to me? i would like to read it.