I would like a Fender Jaguar, Telecastor or Stratocaster. To trade I have:

Epiphone G-400 + Hardshell Case
Carlo Robelli Electric Strat Copy
A noname brand short scale acoustic
Boss AW-2 Auto Wah
Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
Roland Micro Cube
Ibanez 22W Solid State Amp
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sorry dude, i dont think anyones gonna wanna trade. unless you trade everything you have
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i honestly dont think that anyone would even consider trading for that, but good try though :P
fender strat
fender acoustic
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yeah. i wouldnt trade a strat for all of that.
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If your not interested then why reply? other than the fact its rude, but hey I bet he thanks you for bumpin BadKarma you never know someone may have one and they might see somestuff on your list they may want.
Maybe just maybe someone has a couple strats and could part with one.
^send me a pm with what you'd trade for the SD-1, I have one I could get rid of.
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