hey guys im not tryin to start another flame war here but lets get some actual tech info on both these systems, not wat they claim but instead from real reviews and supported facts. i already know about the cabability of each of these consoles and im hoping this thread will help ppl make there choice based on actual info

no stupidity please

in the end 360 does win but because sony really dropped the ball on there decision making
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Maybe, now **** off.
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PS3 has crazy specs but it's still not worth the price?
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google.com - "playstation 3 specs" and "xbox 360 specs" then compare yourself
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yes the specs look similar but the firmware of the systems is diff..processing speed is so high now adays that it relies more on the software side to make any difference between the two.

this thread was just supposed to be a place to throw down wat u know i wasnt asking for help
you just need to wait, see what games are coming out for both systems in the coming months and see which games you want more.

People are so concerned with good graphics and crap these days that they forget all about gameplay. Figure out which systems has all the games you like and get it, don't be so concerned with having the absolute best system, because chances are you won't notice that much of a difference between the two.
Okay, seriously. Do you care about the specs THAT much? I mean here, they both have great graphics...ps3 does it just a tiny thread better...Gameplay wise...xbox360 > ps3.

First off, ps3 loses its rumble system in its controllers, which in my opinion, takes away alot of the games personality. You would want to feel the rumble of your controller when you shoot a gun, yes? It makes it that much more satisfying.

Second, Ps3's 6-axis fails. Why? Well, I feel it's just an add on, something they cooked up to replace the fact that their ps3 controller looked exactly like the ps2 one.

And third....the games (right now) are just a load better on the 360 than the ps3. Gears of war, Oblivion, GRAW...amazing games with respectable game companies. What does PS3 have right now?....zip, nada, all they have is resistance.

Don't get me wrong, I had high hopes for the PS3 and I still know that they're not out of the race yet, give em' a year or so and they'll cook something up...

But on the other hand, Xbox Live > Ps3's online system.

So if this was another thread about if you wanted to get a 360 or a ps3...I just answered your question.

Xbox 360 Ftw.
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Xbox Live is better because Xbox is owen by Microsoft, one of the leading manufacturers in computing - so obviously xbox will have better online modes.

I read somewhere (not In books) that the PS3's graphics are run at 260 million triangle per seconds, whilst the xbox 360's are 500 million per second, could be pure shit though.

So yeah, Xbox 360 > PS3
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Obviously we should play the UG theme.