I have an Epiphone G-310 SG and i have been looking at pickups but dont have the money. I have a $10 guitar center gift card and im looking at strap locks. Since one of he strap buttons is held on w/ the screw in the neck plate, will they work? I have Pics. If not then is the something you would suggest something else in the $15 range or if you think theres something i need more than strap locks.

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i bought them and they dont fit on my epi les paul
and theyre $20 so ur giftcard wont cover it
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id say just get a couple of packs of strings.

once you get used to having an extra pair on hand, you HATE not having more strings readily available.

and the way i think of it, im not going to trust my baby to something that has failed people before. ill just continue taking care of my guitar and NOT dropping it, i dont need it locked to the strap to do that.
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if you do get them make sure you PRE DRILL, i really screwed my sg over cus the strap lock screws are lager than the normal screws.... i pritty much have a wierd strap button hanging from my guitar now (i striped the screw and its not all the way in)
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i have a gibson les paul studio, and i wanted to put shallers in, so i had to have the holes for my straps rebored. u'd probs have to have the same done.
well from expieriance measure the screws first, we had a kid who drilled through his fretboard on a SG, honestly though it will work but youll need more than $10 to get strap locks, if your not sure what your doing have a luthier do it for you
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Ok well i probably wont get them then. I know they're more than 10 but i have bout $15 extra. I already have a box of 10 sets of strings. Any other suggestions. Im going to guitar center tommorow and i dont go very often so its now or wait a month.
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once you get used to having an extra pair on hand, you HATE not having more strings readily available.

SO true, I go MENTAL nowadays when a string breaks and I don't have any more packs.
Yea but as i said, i have about 9 or 10 sets so im lookin for another option in the $10-$25 range
get a slide or a capo or something if you dont already have that stuff.
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And now that i think of it would a different type of strap locks like schaller or something work instead?
im lookin at schallers.... ive actually posted thread bout them like 2 hours ago.... im in the same situation u r... same guitar.... im prolly gunna go with the schallers and try to put the strap lock in a different location either on my own or by askin the guy at guitar center
not to hijack your thread but i have a question, i have a epiphone sheraton II and i need to put dunlop strap locks in but i wanna know, do i have to drill holes to make the strap lock fit?
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half the time I use the old screws if they fit inside the straplok. Otherwise, I just force the new ones in. Has yet to fail me.
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So in short, will the dunlop straplocks fit the sg? Because I have one also.
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