Anyone know about how much they charge to set up a guitar w/ a F/R trem? Mine needs truss adjustment, bridge adjustment and i dont wanna **** it up so i wanna take it in.
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anywhere from £10 - £30.

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My luthier charges about $60 for a set-up. But he is the Man.
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I just had my new strat set up for £90 but that included some fiddling with the electronics and a fret redress/.

Usually costs me about 40ish.
about 50$ , how much does a refret cost usually?
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Depends from shop to shop/luthier to luthier. I only had a fret redress though, it's not the same as a refret.
setup was $50 at Carruthers Guitars. it should be around the same elsewhere.
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the floyd is the expensive part.

other bridges, about $30- 40 usd.

add $30+ depending on what u need done.

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I say learn how to do it yourself, saves you a lot of money and you can set it up to your own standards rather than those of the person you're paying to do it. Truss rod adjustment, intonation and action/string height are all very easy to do.
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