I really need some help here. I've been told that the action/bridge needs to be adjusted every season. I've never heard this in my life before. But my main problem is that i can't keep my strings in tune that well. Even when they are fresh from the package. Here's some pictures of my action/bridge...sorry if they are a little blurry.

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where you keep your action is a personal preference. The lower it is, the easier it'll be to press down the strings, but you'll have more fret buzz, and the higher it is, you'll have to press down harder, but the string buzz will be less. Don't adjust it unless you are uncomfortable with where your action is right now.
wow, that looks reallyyy low too me
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Make sure you stretch your strings thoroughly when you put new ones on - that's likely the cause of 90% of guitarist's tuning problems.
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Yea new strings will always go out of tune until you wear em in.
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wow, that looks reallyyy low too me

believe it or not, its kinda high actually
I'm so gothic i poop bats