I found a website with some cool looking guitars made of transparent and tinted acrylic (Perspex/Flexi-glass for all those in the good old US of A ). They're only about £100 so the pickups, hardware, etc. will obviously suck.

The thing is I've never played a guitar made of plastic before so I don't know what they sound like.
What I'm wondering is, can a guitar made of plastic ever sound as good as a full bodied hardwood guitar?

For that price I can afford to basically replace everything; pups, neck, hardware, etc.
and have a really cool looking guitar that sounds and plays great as well.
But, obviously there's no point in doing all that if it's gonna have a crap tone.
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
They're awfully heavy. And no, they don't sound as good as wooden ones. It's hard to desribe how different, but it's just not as lively.

And BC Rich acrylics suck anyway, so don't get those.
I saw Ryan Peake (nickelback, I guess thats how you spell his name) playing a clear Flying V with EMGs in it when they played around here with hinder, hoobastank, and chevelle. His tone didn't sound bad, but in a band like that I don't think its that noticable. Plus the EMGs probably helped, I would go with active pickups.
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Acrylic guitars are pretty much pure novelty.

This is what I thought but the one I was looking at is a strat kinda shape in transparent blue and looks really cool.
I figured if I slapped on say an Ibanez wizard neck, EMG '81 and '85 PUPS and some decent hardware I'd have a pretty cool custom guitar.
The only thing is I could spend hundreds of pounds doing all this and it might still sound like a margerine tub with elastic bands wrapped round it
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!