Does anyone know some form of speed trainer for it??
like a gp tab that you can get of ultimate guitar that will help me train my speed by using the loop thingy??
I know Guitar Pro has a speed trainer. I just don't remember how to access it. ;P
you want a tab? Pm me with email adds.. i might have some stuff you like, be specific with how far along you are and what kinda excercises you are looking for if you have any specific kind in mind.

I might a be able to help ya out

Edit: Oh yea, the speed trainer thing is that icon that kinda looks like a recycle icon, its up with all the other buttons, its blue in colour. You select your speed trainer mode or just a simple loop mode.. peace
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Guitar Pro has a speed trainer. Hit F9 once or twice to pop it up. Then make sure you...well you'll see once you get it.
It's got a wierd glitch where it plays the last beat and then imediatly preceading that (like without the proper space inbetween it) it plays the first beat of restart intro taping of the metronome if you turn that option on (the intro emtronome thingy)... lol, LOOK AT ME! I'M UBER TECHY!
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