Hey guys,

So at the moment I hang my guitar with a hercules hook thing, and now I need to move the location of it. The only problem is, the only other feasible location is above a radiator. Do you think hanging a guitar over the radiator (it doesnt get REALLY hot) with about 6 inches clearance would cause any problems?

thanks for your help in advance

(P.S guitar is an ibanez prestige)
Same, I wouldn't do it.
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Don't do it!! I wouldn't risk hanging my guitar in any slightly dangerous place. Now, if only I had a guitar.
Would you hang your child by the radiator??? I didnt think so.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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Sounds fine, but there's just something fishy about it...

Yeah, I wouldn't risk it. If it gets screwed up, chances are that it won't be fixable.
pfft... it wont do much damage. My schools music department have 20 acoustics lined up against a radiator... the only damage done to them is very bent necks...
dude as long as you put a giant lag bolt through the body and spray it with cooking spray every few days your set.

really if you wouldnt be comfertable 6 inches above it, neither will your guitar be.
It would prolly throw it slighty out of tune when you play it after you get it from atop the radiator I mean.
Sorry, if it would have been a Squier you could hang it outside and it wouldn't be worse than before. But since it's an Ibanez. Nooooo
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Would you hang your child by the radiator??? I didnt think so.

If it was cold.

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I say try it....then tell us what happens so we can learn a valuable lesson from this little episode.
I wouldn't. It'll be bad for your strings' tuning, and it could make them wear out faster. Plus, there's a possibility of warping if it gets too hot. Not worth the risk, I say.
No animals were harmed in order to bring you the above post. However, several photons were greatly inconvenienced.

*Waits for the dodgy, grainy footage of the Guitar being hung to be posted on YouTube*
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*Waits for the dodgy, grainy footage of the Guitar being hung to be posted on YouTube*

HAHA, lol i think i'll give it a miss, thanks a lot for all your comments
set your guitar on fire ..... its easier and more exciting to watch then the gradual deterioration of your guitar , lol ..... **** man, if you are hanging your guitar on a wall you can hang it from any spot there is a stud in the wall ..... usually rooms have 4 walls + so just find one that doesnt have a radiator / heat vent / window right by the spot you want to hang it and just drill the hole and hang it , thats weak if your choosing to hang it in a shitty location just because you dont want to move shit around in your room ..... thats really weak actually , you cant be coming up in here with that weak ass shit lol ..... come on man its your guitar and its an ibanez

- John
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I thought this thread would be about hanging your guitar like an execution hanging?!?!!1? Yeah don't take the risk with the radiator.
Guitars are made of wood. Wood expands in heat and does the opposite in cold, doing this could infact crack your guitars body.

Have you never heard that you need to keep your guitar in a stable consistant roomish temperature?

Basically don't. I don't think you'd like being hung by your neck, put above a heater and then feel yourself expanding...

No, I've got guitar hangers and they even state not to hang guitars above radiators etc.
It's common sense, it'll mess with the woods and you'll need to do a massive retuning every time you pick it up.
if your willing to throw away a perfectly good ibanez prestige, why not give it to your good friend CDNRoycer instead, i promise to give it a good home....
Ibanez Prestige *drools*
that my friend is the best guitar i ever played.
of course im an arse and bought a gibson les paul, then a fender telecaster and proceed to play a crappy peavey raptor because i sold my guitars to help my family....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....i love your guitar. i wouldn't mind getting it all hot and in the mood.....put it over the radiator, for my sake