ok, so I just bought a guitar, and well i'm thougt that until my lessons begin (in like 2 months) I could practice a little and get to know the basis, but I already got a problem...

I don't know which finger to put on which frets, ???? I mean like this intro i'm trying to play for example, from U2's, With or Without you, song



with which finger do I press the fifth fret, and then the second and the third on the E string?
do I choose by myself or is there some kind of "convention"??

Tabs dont exactly tell you which finger. Its more of a play with whatever you can get the string with. Kind of like how they dont tell you how long to play a note either.
Uh... Pretty much it's have your index finger on, lets say, "Fret 1", your middle finger on "Fret 2", your ring finger on "Fret 3" and your pinky on "Fret 4". Get it? Anything else is improvised on this basic position.
Put your hand on the guitar and then place your fingers on one fret each starting at the second fret. That's the easiest way to do it...but you can do it your on way if you want...
i would personally play the five with either the pinky or ring, then go to 2 with the index and 3 with the middle
just try to incorporate using ALL of your fingers, even if it seems a bit tedious, because you need to build up your fingers strength. i would go pinky on the fifth fret, pointer on the 2nd, and middle on the third, for that instance at least.
lol, sorry Zuka I just thought that it would take more time than that to get an answer,
but thanks for all of your answers!

so basically, I just play with what seems comfortable and is the more "practical" ?

there's no things such as , pinky on 12th fret, and index on 7th, (those are just random examples) ?
There is no rule as to what finger goes where, but obviously in many situations you will need a method to decide where they go. On the neck there are "positions", to put it simply most things will be played within a "box" and that will determine where your fingers go. For example, if you're playing a lick that mainly takes place in the 5 to 7 fret area, you might find it natural to use your index for the 5s, middle for the 6's and ring finger for 7 and 8s. Of course, people vary in their style, some people will use the middle finger where others would use the ring finger for example.

Don't forget about your little finger. You might think you don't need it for the basic things that you will be starting out with, but use it anyway, cause when you come to something where you do need and you never used it before it will be much harder. Practice dexterity in all your fingers.
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On the neck there are "positions", to put it simply most things will be played within a "box" and that will determine where your fingers go. .

but if I play something much more complex later, and that I have to go from the 2nd fret to the 15th, how will I choose? and Is there anyway to learn those "boxes" or is it just by how natural it is for me?
You normally just look at the other notes around - however more often than not the best bet is to look at the underlying chord, quite often the notes will fit around the corresponding barre chord shape.
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