ive been playin liek 2 months and i want to learn a good song thats easy.

any suggestions
God of Thunder - Kiss ,great sounding, fun to play and everybody knows it.
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Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
All The Small Things - Blink 182
Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Basket Case - Green Day
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The intro to Plug in Baby by Muse. It was one of the first things i learnt to play. And also Buck Rogers by Feeder.
I'm judging by your screen name that you're a green day fan, so I'll recommend a few

American Idiot
Are we the waiting
Church on Sunday
Hitchin' A Ride
Time of your life

those are the ones that spring to mind

but I also recommend 7 Nation army, that was the first song I ever learnt
1st real song i learnt :the house of the rising sun-the animals
easy, maybe not as hardcore sounding but good- it tought me how to do the F chord, which, before, i couldnt do (quite a hard barre chord for beginners)
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"simple man" by Shinedown. only three cords: C, G and Am
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the wheels on the bus, really easy
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Learn the classical piece Romance, that was what I first learned. Of course, now I hate classical guitar but it's still a good song to learn.