i made the mistake of not reading the punk faq thing... apparently i am pop punk. go team.

at least i can say i like lagwagon in here and not get eaten alive by intarweb veterans with high post counts (;

anyway! i recently got into the oc toons and vulgaires machins... can anyone rec any other bands in this vein?

i won't lie down.
Way too heavy for the pop-punk forum, but there's an emo band from Québec called Union of Uranus that makes me happy every time I hear them.

GFK is from Québec too, dunno if they sing in French though.
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^Some of their song are in french. Other in enlgish, and some in spanish.

It doesn't really matter though 'cause you can't really understand what they say.

Threadstarter : I live in Quebec so I can make you a list soon, but right now I'm in a hurry so I'll get back to you .
There's a hardcore-ish punk band called Parween that has amazing instruments the vocals arent too amazing but it's tolerable.

Nofx did a cover of champs élysées

Bérurier Noir

Les Vieilles Salopes
this vid is pretty good
lmfao the guitarist is hilariouss. Ta gueule... aller merde!

you could always search for some personally
Check out

-Bérurier Noir
-Les Goules (more punkish)
-Grimskunk (depends, but more towards pop-punk)
-Wide Load (definitely pop punk)

That's a starter