What Ibanez has a floyd rose, h/s/h setup with an inverted headstock? I can't find it anywhere and I don't know what to search for. Thanks in advance.
Most Ibanez RG's have a locking trem and HSH. Im not sure which have inverted headstocks though.
I think the old 520EX had a reverse headstock, and the old 565, also most of the PGM (Paul Gilbert sig) models have reverse headstocks.
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paul gilbert's models have reverse head stock and h-s-h like most RGs but it has a fixed bridge
the RG320ex has a reverse headstock and a edge pro III bridge (ibanez's own floyd rose) the problem is that guitar is h-h
i went on ibanez's website and scrolled through every RG and S and dint see one reverse headstock AND h-s-h
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