Hey all...

I should be coming into some money soon...(i get paid by my uni for doing biology ) and i saw this guitar....


at first i couldn't find it on the epiphone website but it's there if you go through google...anyways, i was wondering if anyone owns or has experience with this guitar and could give me any advice about it...it seems quite nice and I've heard that the standard elitists are meant to be better than low end gibsons, what about this one?

And now the all important things
Style: Classic Rock, Indie, Modern/Alt Rock (e.g. Incubus)
Amp: Crate PB150 head and Harley Benton GT212 cab...(cheap I know...but i like the sound)

Obviously I don't want to spend more than about £500 (uni's expensive) but if these guitars are generally worth the money than i may be tempted

An elitist for under 500? I dont think so... unless its used?

IMO, get a custom elitist. And put some new pups in. You'll be glasd you did it, and they'll lasta long long time.
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well that guitar is almost 800 euro ...
dont know where the 500 came from ... but these are great guitars
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it's 500 pounds. and aren't elitists supposed to have US pups so they won't need changing? anyhow i don't like how the studio looks with it's dot inlays and the wine red finish ;p
that epi boneyard also looks good with the gibson burstbuckers , though the workmanship and materials for the elitists in general would probably be higher, the elitists custom on the other hand are pretty hot ^^
nope not used, just a studio...its £534 so no it's not under 500 :P...i just ask cos i want to get a les paul but then don't want to have to replace my guitar again ever, unless i break it, or win the lottery...and one that i can afford on a student budget