I am 15 and I was thinking of getting a labret piercing. I was hoping for advice from anyone who has one or knows about that particular piercing. I have my ear pierced already and it didnt hurt at all, though the labret will most likely hurt a lot more...anyways, I was wondering how much it hurts, if it affects your teeth and gums, will the hole fill in if I decide to take it out down the road, how bad is the swelling, does it affect your speech, and how can I talk my parents into letting me get it (if i decide to get it).

any help will be great.

For those who don't know what the labret piercing is

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I wouldnt get one. My buddy has one and he says it hurts like ****, and it makes his speech kinda slurred all the time, but his is pretty big.
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You should find all the info you need in here. I can't remember but I'm pretty sure that multiple people have asked about this exact thing and been answered quite well.

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