I was wondering if I bought these inlays:


...for my Les Paul style guitar and placed them over the top of my dotted inlays on the fretboard, is this the correct way to do it or an acceptable way to do it in that it won't hinder my perfomance when I'm pressing on the strings with my left hand. If not, then what is the correct way to put inlays onto a fretboard or should I just leave them as they are?

what are they made of??? i wouldnt advise on it, i mean who really cares about the ****in' inlays!!! it ain't gonna help your sound or make it easier to play, sounds like a waste of time and money
The name is a clue..."inlay"....that means they have to be "inlaid" into the neck. You'd have to get your fretboard re-routed to accomodate them, you can't just stick them over the top.
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