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Which is best?

I play pretty much everything.

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I would say HSH or HSS myself, I think it gives you the most variety. Esp if you have a split coil humbucker, then you could have a combination of HSS and SSS
There really isn't a best pickup configuration, it's all preference. I prefer H/H, that's how all of my guitars are. One of my RG's had H/S/H, nothing wrong with it, but I just didn't need the middle pickup. So, I installed Dimarzio's and a 3-way CRL switch. There's plenty of pickup configurations though.
All I have ever used and needed is a bridge humbucker. However, for versatility, I would go with H/H with a coil split. It's what my guitar has (even though I never need to use it).
I would go with the hss or hh for rythm or playing chords I love the sound of single coil pickups
HSS or HSH .....super versatility at your fingertips
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^yes, for example on a black beauty LP

And to threadstarter... 2 humbuckers with coil tapping FTW
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yer its H-S-H for me, i have an ibanez S470, can get all tones u need, jazzy through to metal...btw tone also does depend on ur amp
HSH with coil splitters on both humbuckers is where it's at man. All the advantages of every pickup configuration you listed.
i prefer HH with a coil tap function

this way you can have both an HH and a SS configuration

edit: a guy a couple posts above pretty much said exactly what i just said... whoops
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SH for me. Love those tele customs.
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i prefer HH with a coil tap function

this way you can have both an HH and a SS configuration

well it actully depends what guitar your going to get, since i was going to get a std mexican strat SSS, but the bridge pickup was just to bright until i saw the HSS strat and thats what i chose
I love the HSS versatility. Fender's S-1 models'll even give you the option of running the neck and middle pups in series, impersonating a humbucker.
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I have not tried many configs, just HH HSS and SSS. I really like SSS config pickup style. But then again I just got my first guitar. I have played all three pickup styles though that I listed.
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I love that fat tone, but I also having smooth cleans so naturally HSS works for me.
well that was enlightening, an entire thread of replies, none of them more than three letters long.

Go to a guitar shop and play some strats, les pauls, fat strats, Ibanezes etc and get a sense of the pickups you like, don't buy a guitar just because people on a guitar forum said HH more than they said HSS
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Yea I'm thinking about maybe getting a strat for my first guitar. Would that be needlessly getting too good of one if I have the $$$ saved up?
I'd choose HH most of the time, but I also like some HSS. I'm tied between getting soon a Ibanez RG1570 or a Jackson DK2 Dinky, so I'll see what's the best for me ^^
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