ok, im stripping a junk guitar for componets such as pots, tuning pegs, frets, nut, bridge, etc. for my Randy Rhoads guitar project and im having a bit of trouble. how do you remove the frets?
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i believe you heat them up and pound them out from the side, but don't quote me.
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hmm i believe he is right, id use a very small nail punch or something like that.
i belive u heat them up and pull them out so you dont **** up your guitar by doing that is sugested above
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you'll need a fret puller. one can be bought as samask.com (i think?)
you heat the fret, then pull it out with the fret puller
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You heat up the frets with a soldering iron and gently rock out the frets with a fret puller or similar. I wouldn't count on the frets being useable after you pull them out, frets are pretty cheap anyway.
don't use junk frets. buy new fretwire. when you fret the guitar, the fret heights are not uniform, so you have to level them. if you use frets that are leveled for one specific heights, the frets will end up, like, 0.1mm high. unless that's your thing, get new fretwire. and if it is your thing, buy small fretwire to start.
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