My friends and i from school started a band. We are into mainly classic rock but want to stray off into some Jazz and Blues. We covered one song and arent sure where to go now. We have tried writing songs but they turn out bad. All of us are pretty good musicians but do not get much accomplished when we have a practice. Does anybody have any suggestions to help us do more and expand our creativity?

We also want to play a gig soon.
try force it or write your song yourself and let the guy add something over it while you're playin.

it's a realllllllllllllllly akward situation when ya got notin and yer starin at yer partner wondering ' wtf now , doc'

If you got good theory , i can only imagine the above as one of the few remaining strategies. If you're a perfectionist , you'll have problems and should start with creating something simple , without care of the output.
hey thanks thats a good idea but we alsso wanna jam out songs. How should we go about doin that?
the only way you can write good songs is to write a TON, and yeah, they're gonna suck so bad you won't even believe it, but you just have to keep writing and writing.

and as for a gig, PLEASE wait until you have some solid originals. I say this from first hand experience.
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and yes i am a perfectionist so its really hard to get things done

awesome. You're like me (your ****ed)

Either write stuff on your own and send to your friend via a program or mp3 recorded?

Or , you can start with simple output with the idea built in that you'll progress from onwards. What you should realise is that you're merely creating a template . A template of something which was simple but kept you rocking. It's those adjustments you can make at home but you're not going to have a beautifully carved statue in one go (with a beautifully carved marble penis)

I'm reiterating these points for me , too !
You could always have an improvisation fest. One guy lays down a progression, the drumemr adds a beat or two, and the other guy starts soloing, and see if you can in the end, turn that into a song.
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id say cut the classical and blues crap or whatever ur doing now. play sum METAL!!!!!!!!!!! yea cos.... if u suck at the stuff u try to do now try something else.

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well we dont suck at those genres we are not just that great at putting everything together.

Also we like some metal such as sabbath, maiden and early metal.
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id say cut the classical and blues crap or whatever ur doing now. play sum METAL!!!!!!!!!!! yea cos.... if u suck at the stuff u try to do now try something else.

^^ bad advice....

when my band started we had the same problems. We wrote 2 songs and got stuck. The first 2 songs kinda just fell on us, so we kinda got in the mindset that writing was easy. After that for like a few months all we'd come up with was crap, then we got through that block and wrote a few more.

The thing is you need to be consistent, especially in jazz blues, which i also play. If you try to rush songs, they'll be of lower quality. Set yourself a goal to have x amounts of songs done, but make it realistic. It took us 10 months to write 9 songs, but they're pretty good (though i might be biased).