Does anyone know of any good foot controllers that aren't a tooooooon of money like The Gig Rig. I want one that functions the same way where you plug into the board and only run through the effects that you have set for a paticular setting.
Are you talking about MIDI foot controllers or analog loopers?

For a decent reliable MIDI footcontroller try the Behringer FCB1010.
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Midi foot controllers...and I can hook my pedals up to this thing?
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No - a midi foot controller is for controller a compatible multi-fx pedal or a switching system.
On a multi-fx pedal, you can assign buttons to patch changes or certain effects.
With a switching system (router), each button turns on one or a group of pedals, which you have to connect.
IIRC, gig rig is like a cross between the two. You connect your pedals to it, and assign each button to a certain order of pedals. You might press 1 to turn on/off your compressor, pressing 2 might turn both OD and distortion on at the same time etc.
Oh okay. What I want is basicly a cheaper version of the gig rig. I want to be able to turn multiple pedals on just by pressing one switch and to have only those pedals affecting my tone.