Well, since I got good reviews on the In My Head cover, I decided to to Go With the Flow! Same deal, garage band, built in mic, just guitar and vocals. Tell me what you think. And if its possible, does someone want to add the second guitar part of the song (I cant play it , well not all of it)?

I love Qotsa, listening while I crit.. liking the tone of the guitar!! Vocals are great. Those are some high notes you're hitting. Like the recording quality too.

Can't fault anything... a good clean recording.

Vocals were outstanding other than a few minor errors with Rhythm to the Guitar Track. Really a shock to me that you did so good on one of QOTSA's more "Up Tempo" Vocal tracks because like I said in your first post, I thought you would be good mostly with stuff from Lullabies To Paralyze due to the overall darker/deeper vocal tone on that CD. Overall I'd say it was probably a 7.5/10. Vocals were outstanding, Guitar Work was good enough but like with your post of "In My Head", I really wish you would try out doing the full track.

Keep on trying QOTSA stuff, Your voice seems very well suited for it and I'd love to hear more.
I am not too familiar with the QOTSA band/artist, but your singing defintely sounds awesome! Very nice and melodic. As far as guitar, again, Im not sure about the original, but guitar could use some reverb or something to make it less dry.
Sounds great but thats really a drum-driven song so be sure and get some drums in there.
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Ya, I'm new to the whole recording thing, and I have no idea how to add drums with the right beats and everything on Garage Band yet.
hey man, thnx for the little wing crit,

for a years playing ur sounding good man, u kept the rhythm tight throughout the song, the vocals were amazing too, when coupled with the rhythm it made for a tight sound recording, keep it up man.

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omg i love qotsa. dude. great vocals. i wanna hear a song for the dead cover lol

Ya, I'll do Song for the Dead, you just gotta lend me a drummer .

**Nice Say It Ain't So cover btw
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Pretty Good but ive never heard of Qotsa though
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Dear god thats great downloaded and added to my Mp3 player well done
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