well let me kno wat u think....the song's about my real father which i dont remember much about but the song basicly says what i do remember. lol song came to me when i was half asleep one day lol. its a basic song, still little more work on lead and drums....getting there.
hmm.......hope i get a crit too?
well your voice is cool ( i wish i had a good one). the melody of the guitar is really cool (where did you record it?) well the lyrics are good i like them. i like the chorus of the song.
Finally: your song is pretty cool and keep on making music.
my crit is shit so just ignore what i've said
crit for crit?

thnx man, yea i recorded at my home, been working at finishing up getting better mikes and stuff. if u cant tell, the vocals comes out of one speaker while guitar out the other lol. i need a program sonar for computer to do it professionally lol.
i buyed music man 2006 deluxe. its really cool and easy to use. for guitar playing you can use guitar tracks by cakewalk