I've decided to start customizing my tele. To start off, I'm going to do purely cosmetic alterations, but I don't know where to start. I want something to help my guitar stand out, but I don't want cliché things, like flames or skulls, considering I play blues and not metal. Any suggestions are appreciated
If you want to paint it, be prepared to spend many hours sanding off the laquer. Fender is notorious for using miles of the stuff. Don't paint on top of the laquer because the paint won't set right. If you don't feel like sanding for hours on end (and in the process risking sanding off the original paint) your best bet would be stickers.
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Nah, it doens't have any paint on it, I bought in a natural color, how I wanted it. I was thinking more along the lines of stuff like pickgaurd, switches, knobs and maybe a few thing that are easy to install, and will make my guitar better.
What about Crash-style? Crash is the guy who did Clapton's 3 graffiti-style Strats. It's not for everybody ... although they stand out.

The ones I painted made those who played them look like attention \/\/h0re5