I found this really cool song and i have no idea who it's by. so i came to UG for help! It sounds very bluesy and from the 70's maybe 80's. This is what I've got from the lyrics so far...

I was standin in the yard last september
when i saw the lights above me in the sky
they gave me a drink so good that i cant remember
when we left the earth (dont know rest of line)

well we flew up and down over city, over town
and we flew up to the everloving stars
and i went on a trip up in their purple rocket ship
with the ladies and the gentlemen from mars

took me, they took me to their leader
a lovely martian girl with skin so green
i was freezed(?) as martian punch to meet her
she was the best lookin 3 headed woman i ever seen

Chorus again.... then another 2 minutes that i dont wanna type out and dont know the lyrics.

I searched on google, wikipedia, even pandora and almost everything i can think of...

if anyone knows who sings this that would be awesome

i suggest you listen to the song if you havent heard it, its pretty cool
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