I'm pretty new at playing guitar so I don't know my chords that well, especially these chords that John Frusciante uses here. I've been trying so hard to try and sound this chord out by just estimating but I still can't get it. Can someone please tell me how to play this chord?

The song is a How deep is your love cover by John Frusciante. The tabs on this site don't show the chord that he plays exactly.

Here's a video of his performance. I'm interested in the two chords he plays at 26-28 seconds.

Here's a picture.
Chord 1

Chord 2

I hope someone can type out the tab for these chords. I don't know my chord names very well. Thanks very much!
Errm. This is a tab site, why not type the song name in and look for the tab for it lol :S
Like I said earlier, the tabs do not show the chord that he plays. Chord #2 is not even tabbed out, it's just shown as palm muted notes in the tabs.
Second one looks like an A# diminished chord. Dunno about the first one, F# maybe?
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I can see the twelfth fret pretty clearly in those images, try and work your way from there. In the top one I see his little and ring finger on G9 and B9, if not then B9 and E9, his middle finger on either D8 or G8, and his index finger on E8 or A8. In the second picture, I see his thumb on E8 and middle finger on D9, his ring on A10 and little finger on G10. His index might be on A8 though, since his ring finger doesn't look completely pressed down to me, or it might be a muting, I'm not much of an expert at this. As for naming the chords, I'm pretty damn clueless. Hope that helped.



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