Just a quick hello. I've been playing guitar and bass for over 35 years and within the past year started trying my hand at the drums. All are just a hobby, and for the most part, me, my equipment and my music never make it out of my music room/studio.

I have been known to, from time to time, do some road crew work for a major touring act, but my real job and schedule takes precident over that of the band. So, I do what I can.

Currently, I live in Seattle (since 2003) where I work as an airline pilot and instructor, am married to another airline pilot (no, we don't work for the same airline) and have 2 daughters, ages 20 and 17. Although we now live in Seattle, we have lived in Colorado for most of my adult life...and both daughters were born there.

I enjoy all types of rock music...and my gear consists of a '63 Reissue ES-335 Dot that I put WCR Goodwood pickups in, along with an RS Guitarworks premium electronics kit, TonePros bridge and Featherweight aluminum tailpiece. I also have a Carvin CT4M, a Carvin Bolt Plus, a Carvin C980 acoustic, and a Carvin LB70 bass. I have a Carvin AG100D amp for the bass and the acoustic, but my main amp is a Carvin Vintage Series Bel Air 212 with the "Hasserl" mods and Eminence Red Coat speakers.

I use this site often for tabs, so I thought I would join the forums and see what's up. So....what's up?!?
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Hey, i live in seattle too. Anyway i dont think you will find the forums much to your liking. As long as you stay away from The Pit you should be fine thou. The Pit is pretty much just a bunch of kids who complain about stuff and argue. Theres some good info in the other forums though.
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
hi & welcome to UG. this should have been posted in the introductions thread though. and yeah, only venture into the pit if you wanna hear a bunch of 15 year olds whining about stuff and saying "buttsecks"
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