Well it seems that i alwasy get feedback when its less convinient but sometimes i want it at at gig like right before a song so i try getting closer to my amp but i cant seem to get an intentional feedback. Does anyone know how to do it.
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Smack the headstock off something.
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Either find a BOSS feedbacker or turn the gain on your amp all the way up then stand next to it. The second option is cheaper by the way.
I just use a natural harmonic on the 4th fret of the A string, with the guitar volume on 0 and slightly raise it
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If you're playing with a decent amount of gain, at band volume, it shouldn't be hard to get feedback. Main thing is that volume and gain have to be high enough.

Make sure any noise suppressors you have turned on are off. Make sure guitar volume is all the way up. Simply unmute the strings. If nothing happens, walk right in front of your amp and wait. If still nothing happens, try tapping the neck or the headstock with your fingers. This will usually trigger it.

Sometimes fretting a note without playing the actual note will trigger feedback, too. This is a good way to get different pitches of feedback.

If you absolutely can't make your guitar feed back, you may just not have enough gain dialed in. If you're playing a fender twin reverb it's going to be harder to get feedback than it would if you're playing through a triple rectifier. If you have an overdrive pedal or a distorton pedal, you can try turning that on. If I have my mesa on channel 4 and I hit my overdrive, it's instantaneous feedback, whether I have the strings muted or not.
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Get any distortion pedal (preferably lead distortion) set compression to max, put the distortion pedal to full dist. , Put the overdrive or the distorion on the amp to full.

And have fun with the feedback
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i just strum the strings behind the bridge or the nut and then face my amp
it always works for me
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I just use a natural harmonic on the 4th fret of the A string, with the guitar volume on 0 and slightly raise it

Yeah i do something similar to this, I just play the harmonics at the 4th fret, I either play the bass strings or the treble, depending on how I want the feedback to sound.

Also, using other harmonics works fine as well.

But I just keep the volume up the whole time