i have a geddy lee sig bass and i still have the same strings on it that it came with, but i have GHS bass boomers, roundwound, medium strings that i got from a friend.

i want to try them but if i put them on and dont like it, is it good to restring it with the strings that i took off the bass?

i dont want to take them off, not like the ghs and have to go buy differnt strings because i cant restring my old fender strings.

and can someone tell me how the sound will change?
it might be hard to restring w/ old strings but if they still sound and feel good use them

boomers were pretty good i thought and you wont like the sound once its on but after bout 2 days it will sound good
so if i decide i dont like it, it is possible to restring with old strings?
>_< i strung the G string and it looks like it has some rust spots on it >_<