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32 48%
27 41%
7 11%
Voters: 66.
Enough already, it's not funny and it's not original. People don't make these threads anymore for a reason.
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Your life must suck.

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I hate them both

unless my grammies homemade cheesecake counts in cake, then cake!
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But really it's cos she got fat!

No fat chicks !
chocolate mud cake
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lol, so i got a boner this one time and i was watching tv, so i decided to hump the little crack between the two cushions of the couch. yeah.

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Whichever one cheesecake is.

I'll second that one, brother! You know what else is good? Pecan pie. I am having an oralgasm right now.
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anyone ever had a punch bowl cake? damn thats good cake.

but chose pie cause it's better overall
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learn some green day. they are totally brutal.
Me and my friend were having the exact same argument the other day...
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Pie is too messy. You never see a hot chick jump out of a pie.

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I take my pie like I take my women. With my penis.

So pie has American Pie on it's side, but...

Cake has Cake (the band).

Neither, I can't decide.
Will says:
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I don't know if I can help it.

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