My girlfriend is letting me borrow her acoustic guitar because she never touches it anymore and it would get a lot more use if i borrowed it until i got a decent acoustic. i decided to restring it because the strings that were on there were old and used up.

However, when i put the high E string on all it did was made a buzzing sound, no matter how high i tunned it up. i tried putting other strings on as well but they had the same result. i think the strings are resting on the frets but i don't understand why because a couple of minutes before i did this the old strings worked fine with out buzzing.

I even followed a website step by step to make sure i was doing it correctly but it didn't help. can anyone help me on this one?
its sound like a stringing problem but if you say that you did it correctly then i guess it could be some sort of flaw in the guitar. when you string it make sure you leave plenty of slack in the strings then you can tune it up it sounds like you might not be leaving enough slack
the strings shouldnt be resting on the frets unless the sting pin rest is setting too low especially if it worked with the old strings
i've decided to take it into a guitar shop and have them restring it. can anyone give me an estimation of how much it will cost for them to do this if they do in fact charge me for it? thanks.
Depends on the shop, if they try and charge you for more than 10+the cost of strings, tell them to stuff it and find someone who plays guitar to do it for you.

If you live in a major city, you probably can find someone on the boards to help you with it in person.

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1. is the buzzing sound coming from the tuning pegs on the headstock or does it sound like it's coming from somewhere on the neck?

2. have you made sure that you tuned the string up to pitch? i know you said that no matter how high you tune it, it still buzzes. i was just curious as to whether or not you've sat down with a tuner and tuned the guitar.

3. do you know what gauge strings were on the guitar before and what gauge you are putting on now?

to answer your question, i'd say that somebody should change your strings for you for around 10-15 plus the cost of the strings... but i'm just guessing. i would call anything more than that a total rip-off though as it only takes about 3 or 4 minutes to restring a guitar.
well, i took it in and got it restrung. it cost me 16 dollars. worth it? probably not, but i needed an acoustic to play. the guy who did it asked me if it had always buzzed a lot because he had to adjust the truss rod to limit some of the buzzing. the GBE strings still buzz past the 7th fret and the other three strings buzz past about the 12th. it sucks because a lot of the stuff i've been playing involves those notes. now i just have to wait a couple of months until i get a Taylor Big Baby and everything will be okay.
well the action on that string it too low. and since its an acoustic there is no really quick way of fixing it. Its either the notch in the nut is too low or the notch on the bridge is too low. What i woud do it prolly file down the frets a bit. But if youve never done it before it could be risky cuase you might take too much of the fret off. but yeah i would say just file off the slightest, slightest, slightest bit of the fret.