I couldn't think of a name which isnt a problem. I was hoping I can get some feedback on the song. It didnt take me long to write but it was easy to get down on paper. I'm hoping that this makes the song better. Thx.

She held the dreams in my sleep
I stayed awake all night
She can be a theif for my thoughts
But I kept a straight face
As she looked me dead in the eye
And said

Lets play a game we'll use your heart
I'll take it for a while make it feel alright
And when you feel like letting go
When your about to fall into me
I wont return from away
I wont return from away

After I heard all the sad songs
I decided to write a love song

I dont want to
Ever think love again
I dont want to
Surrender my heart again
So thats the second time I got crabs.