anyone else seen this movie? I saw it on sundance channel a while ago and thought it was really good. It stars jodie foster as a teenager and her crazy strung-out mother is played by the lady who played the english teacher in that movie where rodney dangerfield goes back to college. It also has scott bayo. anyone else like it?
You are probably the best 07er here. :snyper:

Edit: And yes, I saw it and loved it.
Oh, I thought this was going to be about how awesome foxes are.

Edit: I only remember one film of Jodie Foster as a teenager, and it was one of those body swap ones where she swaps bodies with her mother by accident.

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well I guess youv'e seen it (Zuka, cause what your saying^ is taxi driver)

can you tell me the ending, what happened to the girl whose dad was a cop?
That girl takes off her mask and it turns out she's a golden retriever, right?
come on I got distracted and I dont know if they said what happened. all I heard was she got sent somewhere
I get it ....your bugging me again

its cool......but I really doubt it was boarding school
well at least there's someone else who's seen it

I will bump this thread tomorrow and we'll both find out

does tonight's crowd know this film?
or will I have to look the ending up somwhere
yeah I think he played....alright I dont know who that is but I remember his name from it
Oh man I thought you meant the website.

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Edit: He's (siftings) talking about me
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^^^this guy's not kidding

anyway the wikipedia doesnt have the friggin ending

"A group of four teenage girls in the San Fernando Valley, and the usual problems teenagers have to cope with. Deidre is fascinated by her sexuality, likes boys and has lots of boy troubles. Madge is unhappily overweight and angry that she is a virgin. Her parents are overprotective and she has an annoying younger sister. Annie is a teenage runaway who drinks and pops pills, and runs away from her abusive father, a policeman. Jeanie has to take care of them, is fighting with her divorced mother, and is yearning for a closer relationship with her distant father, a Tour Manager for the rock band Angel. They think that the school is rubbish, their boyfriends are immature and the grown-ups have come from another planet."

thats all there is, and it makes it sound like friggin "diary of the pants club" or something
Don't bother searching the net for it, the answer isn't there. ;P