Hello all.
I have been putting more emphasis on learning theory and scales and all of that, but I cannot seem to figure out how to apply scale theory to improv. I dont know if that is just a function of learning more an it simply coming to me, or if I can find a specific lesson online for learning how to apply scales. Can anyone help me?
applying scales to improv would be using the notes that are in the scale and then add in effects like vibrato, harmonics, hammer-on, pulls-offs, trills and slides.
You probably just need to learn more. You should have a firm understanding of chord analysis and non-harmonic tones before you'll be able to effectively apply your theory knowledge to your songwriting.
yeah thats basically it.
e.g. say your playing along to rhcp otherside, which is in the key of C major (or A minor) then you use all the notes in the C major scale or the A minor Scale (which are the same notes), C D E F G A B...
and you pretty much stay in the key and play.
That is the very basic of it, although pro musos get bored of the rigid scale and find ways of moving out of it.
ALSO, sometimes playing those notes sound, weird. Although it is correct, you gotta emphasis certain notes to get a certain scale to stand out. E.g. emphasising the B is going to sound incorrect, and C sounds OK but not a good finishing or starting note, A is.
For that particular case anyway
Thanks. I think I do need to study chords and neck knowlege more. Thanks for the quick input.