hi i have a cry baby gcb 95 schecter blackjack tempest and a roland cube 20x it souunds awwesome but when i plug in the cry baby it dries out the tone and its extremely low pitch and sounds like shit any reason y its doin this? any ways to fix it?
schecter tempest blackjack!

ummm wait what?
Take it back to the store i have a Cry Baby and i love it
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Aaahhh... Doesn't the Cry Baby have settings, like Contour and Level? Mess around with them if it does.
i tried they wont take it bak and it doesnt have settings like if i was playn clean channel (which i barely play) it sounds great but with the crybaby on or off it sounds low pitched and like shit
schecter tempest blackjack!

ummm wait what?
Are you using a battey or an adaptor?
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