I'm just curious how well known his show is, now that it's been on a while. Anyone ever heard of it? (Spike Feresten was a writer, most notably for Seinfeld)
Whew! Finally, someone!

Did you happen to see the latest one, where he pimped that kid's Myspace?

Wasn't that insane?! That was the episode that ranked him up there with Conan, for me.
that was a realy good episode i realy liked the end when he put that kid in the dog cage for time out
yeah the first one i saw i was kinda skeptical but at the end i knew it was gonna be great
i like him. last episode i saw was him like trying to figure out a way to get back at his neighbor who kept bringing her dog over on spike's lawn so the dog could poop.

he built like a catapult, interviewed all these people. celebrities, experts, all this stuff. then he just hosed her done one day
^ I heard he's got some other deal going on with this neighbour, and trying to convince Fox to air this other skit with the neighbour. Sounds dangerous...