I've got about $800 to spend on a new amp, I've got a friend at guitar center that can get me cost +10% for anything they carry which comes out to around 20-30% off. The catch is that I currently live in an apartment and would rather not annoy the hell out of the neighbors. I play mostly metal but wouldn't mind an amp with some flexibility and good cleans. With that in mind I've narrowed it down to the following amps:

Peavy XXX 40w Combo or 6505 Combo

Right now I'm leaning toward the Vox since I can get it for $630 otd and keep the volumes reasonable. However I'm concerned that I won't be able to get much metal crunch out of it, I played around with one in the store a few days ago and wasn't blown away. I hear Peavy's are decent at low volumes and I probably won't need to upgrade for a really long time.

Anyway, thoughts or better suggestions are appreciated.
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Both of the Peaveys get most of their gain from the pre-amp tubes, so having them at low volumes wouldn't hurt it any. But the 6505 isn't a very flexible amp and has mediocre cleans. I'm not sure about the XXX.
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JSX would be a viable option...good cleans, and lots of crunch too.
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Ive Heard Vox's dont produce a good crunch for metal. A friend of mine plays a XXX and the tone is great IMO.
JSX Combo with an attenuator, might be slightly over budget but it's worth it.
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Tough to do metal and get good cleans without going to the boutique.

I think that Vox is really a great amp for what it is: a solid state modeler. Best of that genre, but i'd lean towards the all tube variety if you have the money. If metal's your thing, the 6505 is THE amp. If you want versatility, you may want to look at the Classic 30/50 instead. Nice "jack of all trades" amps.

And, with your budget, deal potential, and neighborly concerns, I'd spring for a little Vox DA5 to play around with when the neighbors are around to be bothered.
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Nice thing about the Vox is you can set it's max power to something lower for better OD at lower volumes. Others might have this feature too, not sure.

That's the problem with pure tubes, from what I have heard, they don't sound their best until they get to higher volumes, which isn't a good thing in an apartment. Finding one with a max power setting, like the Vox, would be ideal. Though I think that Vox is a hybrid and not a pure tube.
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Tough to do metal and get good cleans without going to the boutique.

JSX. Get the combo, it will only be a bit over budget, maybe not at all.
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The cleans on the 5150 aren't that bad. Peavey usually has more preamp gain than you could ever use, so they will sound pretty good with the master volume low.

If you're determined to get good cleans, I'd probably go for the JSX. If you don't quite get the gain you're wanting for metal tones, just boost it with a tube screamer.
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Thanks for all the replies, I think the JSX might be a bit out of my range I'll try and get some time with the 6505 combo this week before I decide.
An AD60VTX would be nice. Those amps are way better than the normal AD's. They can get some nice metal tones. If you really like it, you could buy it and later get the footswitch(VC-12).
i think you should go for the laney VC 30, great sounds. get a mxr micro amp or equivalent booster, maybe a PINK booster, and then you should be able to get metal out of it. the benefit of this is the truly excellent versatilty you will get.

if not, go for peavey, they have a model that morph power modes for heavier distortion/ better cleans/ etc.
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They aren't carried by GC, I'd rather stick to stuff that I can get a good deal on.