Since Im getting banned mighty soon for reasons undisclosed, I might as well make a few threads that will help me carry on for the 30 days I will be banned. This is my first thread. I am interested in implementing metal and world music, similar to how Nile implements the Egyptian theme and sound into their music. What Id like to be able to learn though, is Arabic/Jewish type music, from India, Lebanon, Israel, etc. What would help me achieve the sound heard on most of their stuff, like the legato type riffs with that cool sounding instrument that I dont know the name of, and the scales and chords and timing sigs that they use. All I know of that could sound like this are the Hungarian and Gypsy scales, but are there any other scales for this kind of stufF? Also please list anything else that would help one achieve this type of music. Dont worry about posting metal stuff, Im just interested in learning about the middle eastern music for now.


Thanks in advance!

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Try modes over the melodic minor scale. Aeolian and Lydian.
Listen to a shit load of that kinda music and it will come naturally duh
No lol, I listened to shitload of metal and crap and it never just came to me. I had to dissect the songs and what not, but theres no tabs for this kinda crap
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thats not middle eastern. its asian, south asian
Well eastern music is usualy on a completly different page to western music

I remember that their forms of scales dont use just whole and half steps but quater, fith and eighth steps and whatnot

I really cant remember I used to be into all that experimenting but decided to leave the eastern music to the asians and arabs who grew up with it

EDIT: Use of micro-tones: In Western music, notes in a scale are whole steps or half steps apart, e.g. the difference between and F and F sharp is a half step, and the distance between and F and G is a whole step. Middle Eastern music uses more notes. The Arabic and Turkish theories differ somewhat here. The Arabic theory breaks each whole step into 4 even divisions

thats it
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you can change ur tuning, fiddle with that a bit makes it easy to come up with good mid eastern rhythms... DADGAD tuning works for me, play open on first D then second A, back and forth till u feel like the shikas, put it some nifty hammers n pulls, a few runs and ur in business
with DADGAD everything I play tends to sound celtic...which I do on purpose DADGAD is perfect for folk music

but middle eastern.......eh a droning D dosent really fit
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