So, I'm in Canada right now, have been for 2 weeks and will be for another 2 weeks, and I'm away from my guitar. And today i was looking at some websites. Checking out prices on Mandolins cos i would like to have one to play around with.
And from looking at websites Epiphone's seem to be common and have prices that i can sort of afford.
I was looking at the Epiphone MM30E which is about $350 AUD.
The alternative that i was looking at is a Fender, the FM52E which is worth about the same.
The Epiphone has a solid Spruce top while the Fender is all laminate.
So what do people think about Epiphone Mandolins? And that model in particular? I don't know much about Mandolins.

Also, more out of interest than anything. I don't see myself going and buying a resonator because most of the ones i have seen are waaay to expensive for me. But what do people think about the Epiphone Biscuit? It retails for $750 AUD whereas everything else i have seen from just briefly looking at resonators is waaay more than i could afford anytime in the next few years (considering that i need to upgrade my acoustic soon anyways, and thats gunna cost me more money that i have)

Can anyone give me some info and some opinions on these.
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