hey everyone, this is gonna be my first tube amp yay! but, i don't know whats good, i'm looking for something that does classic rock tones and blues, but is in a 2000 or less Aus dollar range.
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2000 dollar or less?!?! get a goddamn marshall TSL 60!!!

wait. australian...
go used.
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buy a peavey valveking or something. they have this one combo that morphs between class AB and class A for classic rock to metal. it is also affordable.
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peavey classic series, or the carvin vintage series would be good. fender too.
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Laney VC-30, or Laney TT50 - both great amps, TT50 is more expensive and heavier tone-wise, as well as more headroom; VC-30 is just an all-around awesome vintage sounding classic rock machine. Definitely check these out, Laney eats Marshalls for breakfast imo.
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