unfortunatly im not much of a singer, so i havent done vocals yet, but i plan on doing them soon anyway, but this is a simple song, just some kinda cool hooks and stuff, so let me know what you think

c4c as always, thanks


sorry about the fake drums, but im very medicore at drums, and i had some big ideas for them
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So I'm listening to it right now and I think it's good. keep up the good work dude.
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The guitar sounds very good but the drums are really annoying not because they are fake but because of that harsh sound like someone is beating a trash can. I just think if they are fake they should blend easily and maybe be a little quieter. I don't know its just that one beat that sounds bad. Other than that its quite good. With vocals it could be a great song.

crit mine?
yeah i agree with the last two posts so i changed the eqs and tones on a few things (mostly drums) for a better mix, i think it sounds a lot better now, thanks for the crits

im working on the vocals
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it's got a pretty nice vibe. the rhythm and lead work well. and i'm guessing i'm listening to the edited one and the drums soung good. i'm not too fond of the sound of the pick hitting the strings though, like i know it's an acoustic but i'd like to hear more of the strings.
yeah i know what ur saying, i dont know what to do about it just cause when i just use fingers and muting it gets way too bassy and muddy, so i picked the less of two evils thanks for the crit man
ya i think the only time i've enjoyed that sound is on john mayer's daughters. but that may also be the sound of the shaker or morraca or his 80 grand guitar.
Yeah I really have no complaints, the guitar work was great, very nice and flavorful. I didn't even think that the drums were thaaaaat bad. But yeah, I am in the same predicament with the whole guitarist-without-a-voice thing. I would recomend finding someone to sing it for you... because at least for me, the finished product of a song sung by me is kind of dissapointing. Great though, 9/10

p.s. thanks for your crit
This is great! I really like it! Personally I like the drums. I could see this going well with vocals. Keep up the great work!

BTW: when you critted my song what did you mean by a vox?
Guitar great. It has a lot of hiss reduction so it sounds muffled (or i think thats hiss reduction) its good still none the less try and bring up the mid and trebles so its not so muddy. The drums sound good it fits with the vibe perhaps turn them down, the fakeness isnt that apparerent. Great job, i want to hear some vocals.
hey thankyou everyone for the crits

odvojoey, no hiss reduction, i actually have a mic i really like, but i didnt put a bass in there so, i gave it a little more low end, i will put bass in and change the eqs, thanks for the input, uve got some good quality recording

thecordyour, i know what you mean, i would like to find someone to sing it, but on the same hand, some of my lyrics are so personal, i feel like im losing something if i dont sing, but i totally know what you mean, thanks for the input man

somewhathere, how id like to have the money/guitars john mayer has haha, of course id be willing to bet he doesnt pay much because a company would love people to see him playing their instruments