Poll: One guitar for everything or several specialized guitars?
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I use only one guitar for all types of music.
34 58%
I have several different guitars which I play depending on the type of music.
25 42%
Voters: 59.
Who here uses only one guitar for everything vs instead of having 2-3 specialized guitars?
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I own more than 10 guitars, most being American made, but I actually mostly use a Mexican Telecaster that i've pimped out to a great extent.

That guitar does it all for me, soul jazz country blues etc. I love it.
Right now it is just one for everything, but I'll get another one for some specific genre later.
one guitar for everything. I can't afford any other guitars.
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i would rather have 2-3 guitars for specialized things, as that works better.

but for now 1 for everything. damn money.. and lack of it
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one for shred, and two strats. one with EMGS, though.
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i only have 1 but more guitars each for certain things is way better.

i have a strat for blues/rock/jazz but i want another guitar for metal/drop tunings and the like. later a 7 stringer would be nice and maybe another strat for Eb standard. I hate changing tunings lol.
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I tend to use guitars set-up for different things because my playing style is so eclectic. I tend to go from playing bluegrass and country to metal, which usually means I switch tunings. I do use my 7 string as the general go-to guitar as I can have the most versatility on it and then just rely on my midi controller and amp for anything else I need.
I only have enough money for one guitar anyway, but if I did have a few thousand dollars to spare I think I would still take one really good guitar over a couple different ones, but I don't play a wide range of music.

Actually I'd have one really good electric (a fender USA strat, pimped of course) and a really good acoustic, too.
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Its funner to have different guitars and if you're playing shows you should have at least two guitars so you can have one available as a backup.
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i have one bass for everything. but for guitar, i will be using 3, my 7 string, my X50 for quick tuning changes, and soon my X40 for leady stuff
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Its funner to have different guitars and if you're playing shows you should have at least two guitars so you can have one available as a backup.

My biggest fear currently is to break a string on my seven while playing a gig. I don't have the funds to pick up another seven right now, and not many people play sevens outside of metal so it's not like someone else on the bill would be able to lend me a guitar for a couple of songs.
i think it depends on how much extra cash you have for multiple guitars, but yes i see no reason why anybody would not want several specialized guitars, plus its just so flashy to see all those axes on display in your living room that no one actually plays.
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well i got three guitsrs...

one for DROP D (my main and sexiest guitar)
one for drop d and 1/2
one shitty piece of crap guitar for drop c...

yea i like dropped tuning
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i have two guitars. an ibanez gio for college and a peavey raptor for home. i use them both for the same kind of music, just at different locations.
once i can afford a good guitar, i will use the ibanez for an alt tuning.
I use a Gibson Les Paul for most of my work(Eb), but tend to use my Tele for OpenG tuning, and a strat in standard.
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i have 1 for everything ... but soon ill have 2 guitars
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I think one guitar should fill all your needs. Of course I'd like to own a few good guitars, like an MIM strat, an Ibanez Artcore and something for the occasional heavy stuff. But with the price of those three I could buy some high end guitar that could do it all.
one for all, i cant afford anything else
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