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I'm planning on getting my first guitar really soon. Should I learn on an electric or acoustic? I plan on playing more electric later on, but I've heard a lot of people recommend acoustic. I have enough money (haven't really bought much the past decade lol), cus I have just under $1000. So if I have that much should I start with acoustic or electric, and how much should I spend. I could afford a say, $400-500 guitar, but would it be too big of a risk on my part? And would others that had been playing guitar longer look down upon me for starting out with a nice guitar? I'm looking mostly to play rock/punk/alternative. Should I get a cheap guitar and upgrade later if I'm still into it? Thanks.
I'd start on electric, personally. Seeing as how that's what I did.
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Yea but how much should I spend? I could spend more than most would say I should... But I'm pretty sure I won't let a decent guitar go to waste.
i guess it would depend on the music you're gonna for me i started out acoustic, but soon got my eletric afterwards, and i believe that starting with an acoustic made the electric easier to play....thats just my opinion tho....i'd spend about 400 on your first guitar...i think it would be a waste buying a really expensive one until a few years once u get better
Just buy a low-end starter guitar, and solidstate 15W of your choice. I've heard people at the local shop recommend electric because "It's easier to push the strings down on an electric". My experience holds that true. Maybe you could buy... a standard strat, p-up arrangement doesn't matter, they all cost the same, or close. For an amp...maybe a 30w Solidstate, something cheap. And if your amp doesn't come with FX, you might be able to fit in a few effects, a distortion, some type of modulation, wah, delay, and reverb, or take the easy way and buy an ME-50, which has all that and so much more. But I would lay off on that Me-50 until you familiarize yourself with guitar.

EDIT: The part about the Strat, 30W, and ME-50 is if you don't want to upgrade. Otherwise stick to the basics.
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Don't let people look down on you even if you buy a nice guitar. Try your best and no one will make fun of you, only assholes with no lives will cut you down. If you stick with it, you'll end up owning many guitars over the span of playing.
An electric would probably be the better choice so you can get used to doing power chords, palm mutes etc. but honestly i'd start with a cheap bass guitar and cheap amp, cuz if you can play on a bass with a giant fret board, you will get better at electric/acoustic guitar faster.
Get a decent electric and a decent amp. Pay $300-$400 for the guitar and $500-$600 for the amp. It sounds like a lot when you're first starting out but you'll be glad you made the investment when you aren't jonesing for a better guitar/amp in 6 months.
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I would get a strat or ibanez starter pack. They're not that expensive, so if you don't like playing guitar, you can just quit and you're not out a lot of money. They're not the greatest guitars ever, but they are excellent values.

Don't worry about the "buy it once" philosophy just yet in your guitar career. Believe me, if you get really into it, you're probably going to be buying guitars at a steady pace for most of the rest of your life
Thanks. So if I was buying an acoustic how much shud I spend/electric how much shud I spend? A few more comments on whether to get an electric or acoustic would be nice.
Whether its better to start on electric or acoustic is debatable but I think that you should start with an acoustic. With the acoustic you can concentrate on your technique and build finger strength without worrying about 20 knobs altering your tone and covering up your mistakes.
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If I got an acoustic have any recommendations as to which one to get for how much?
Again, any recommendations for an acoustic guitar out there at about $300? Thanks.

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buy a 300-400 dollar guitar and buy a nice amp at about 100 (15 wats, dont get anything with a knob on it that says Reverb it messes up your whole amp).Also get an electric save the rest of your money for a nice Gibsun Les Paul guitar for about $800-$1000. If you dont get bored with it within a year than you could spend money on more accecories like a distortion pedal new amp. Also, you need to buy a case, if you dont have a case you can severely screw up your guitar if its dusty.Buy your gear at: WWW.MUSICIANSFRIEND.COM they have low prices and good quality.Use tabs but mostly teach yourself and deffinetly learn notes and chords.
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personally. i would start with electric. thats what i did. its a hallow body but same difference. i would reccomend something like the jackson pro pack: doesnt cost a lot and from what i heard not that bad either. great for a beginner.

i dont know if that comes with an amp or not. if u dont like that you could do what i did after i learned on my hallow body and buy a schecter and a vox amp. something like the tempest and a vox valvetronix 30 watt.
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Though a beginner myself, I asked that same question and got a lot of info on it. I would get a decent, but not over the top guitar to start with, and a decent amp, but not tube. You will have plenty of time to find your sound and the specific amp you want down the road, so no sense spending too much on a tube amp now.

The nice thing about starting with an electric guitar is you get more sounds out of it, like OD and distortion, which acoustics can't produce. Well I guess an acoustic/electric can, but I think that's getting too involved.

My recommendation would be...

Ibanez RG321MH guitar
Vox AD30VT hybrid amp

That combo will cost you around $500 or so, giving you room to buy some accessories and still have some money left over. Heck, you could even upgrade the pickups to better ones with the spare money once you know the tone you want.
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Look a meaningful post. You don't see those everyday. Haha, but I'm a little nervous to take advice from a fellow beginner.. Anyone want to agree/disagree with his advice?
lol, I wouldn't jump on my bandwagon either, but for the most part, that isn't my advice, but what has been given to me. I am just repeating it.
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Yea, I wish people's advice could be a little more one sided. Hardly anyone suggests the same things, and I can't tell who knows better very easily.
I'm a big fan of starter pack guitars for acoustics and electrics. They're a gimmicky deal that, suprisingly, delivers what they promise - a cheap, decent sounding guitar for beginners to get their feet wet with.
Yea but is that sort of like when you go to get in a cold pool, and you put your feet in. Most of the time you jump right out. Sometimes the only way to get in the pool and stay in is just to jump right in. You know what I mean? Sorry for the corny analogy by the way lol. What I mean though isn't just getting a cheap guitar sometimes dooming you to failure?
I felt the same way, didn't want a cheap starter set, so I got a Fender Std Strat and the Vox AD30VT as my starter set, and got a lot of complements on that combo. However, since the Strat isn't the best for metal, I recommended the other guitar that was recommended to me, that being the Ibanez RG321MH, which I wish I would have started with myself. Maybe then I wouldn't have dropped $650 into a metal guitar later...
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Marshall AVT150H halfstack
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No. You could buy a $25 Strat copy and become a world class guitarist. Your tone will not be as good as it would be with a more expensive guitar that is better made and made with more quality materials, but your skills will be absolutely no different.

Like I said before, in my opinion, it's too early in your career as a guitar player to be adopting the "buy it once" mentality - save that for when you know for sure you love playing the guitar and want to reward youself with a really nice instrument.
Well I'm not going to be playing mainly metal. Would that change your recommendation?
powerhalf how long have you been playing? And have you ever used a starter pack yourself?
From what I was told, the HSS Strat would be the most versitile, but I just didn't like the look of it myself.
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Samick Les Paul (AV6VB) Guitar w/ SD Alnico2/JB
Marshall AVT150H halfstack
Schecter Stiletto Elite-4 Bass
Ampeg BA112 Bass Amp
I've used a strat before, although I don't believe it was an HSS. From what I could tell it played well but I'm a total newb 2 guitars.

Edit: Plus, I also played a cheap bass guitar starting kit and the strings rattled insanely. It just didn't seem like I would feel like playing something like that as much. But at the stage I'm currently at I probably would haha.
Anyways I'm going to go to Guitar Center tomorrow with my sister's friend who knows a lot about guitars. I'll try to get on tomorrow for last minute suggestions, and I'll get on afterwards. I DO NOT INTEND on purchasing anything tomorrow, but possibly in the near future.

Sorry if this double posts, but it isn't appearing...
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