I am 14 and play lead and rythm guitar, I am looking for people around the age of 12-16 to start an original metalcore band.

I need a bassist, drummer, male vocalist and some one who can scream. I have already found another guitarist and might have a drummer.

If their are any other guitarists interested though I don't mind having three in the band and I still haven't found a drummer I have only got someone interested so if any drummers are still interested send me an email.

Send an email to luke.mcelroy@gmail.com or guitarman81@gmail.com If you are interested.

Influences include Bullet for my valentine, Trivium, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold and most other metal and metalcore bands.
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any bassists, vocalists and drummers in victoria interested??
me... im a guitarist, but im probably not as good as horvat, im 14 though, and i can do some solos. if u want me. pm me when u have a full band, im not getting winded up in trying to find all these musicians again...
ye ill send you a pm when i've got the rest of the band together. Do you no any bassists, drummers or vocalists??
hey metal_rocker23. where is mentone?? is it in melbourne? where is it near?
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