I'm new here and this is my first post other than my hello one.
Please be nice.......

Ashes To Ashes

Stuck in your blackhole,you suffer alone

Out on the prowl soon,find another to devour

Taking from hands,all that you can

Feelings for others,like love and sorrow

For you,it's just a fake emotion

Being human is a stretch for your imagination

Like a temple made of cardboard and of paper

Flying high but it's only an illusion

You're a puppet on the strings of lust and desire

You say this but you really mean that

You pull words like a magician pulls tricks from a hat

Just like politicians you claim to hate

Your words and action infuriate

You hold a resistance to your own ignorance

Trying to get a stronghold on your meager existance

City tramp caught in a vacuum

You look into my eyes and spin your web of lies

You say that your free,but you'll never be

Your a prisoner of war,to your own words and actions

Your trek shall not cease ,to find inner peace

Just a karaoke version ,of a real man

For you it's your life in 3-D

Why are you always so amazed

When you come around the yellow flag is raised

Caution hearing protection required

From your mouth spews nothing but flames and fire

In the wasteland you made,vultures circle above.

Your flesh they will eat,once over taken by the sun.

Bleached will your bones be,rats live in place of your eyes.

Just an imaciated fragment,left of your fake life.

Ashes to Ahses Dust to Dust
yo I like it, what genre music are you planning on using it with. only criticism is that the rhyming is a little too cheesy in places, but still very nice.
It's metal dude ,yeah I know some of it sounds cheesy but it sounds good with the music.It's a song I dedicated to my daughters boyfriend after he treated her like crap.
Pretty nice song, some of the rhyming seems a bit 'forced' and you have one line that I think is pretty cliche (You say this but you really mean that). Other than that, it was a pretty good song. Keep 'em coming!