Well i got an EH Metal Muff pedal and i was wondering what are good seting for this pedal if anyone has one OR..... good setting for the mids highs and lows for any particular bands u may like....Ozzy Sabbath Metallica Pantera Zakk Wylde even Guns N' Roses Avenged Sevenfold... i'm like having problems finding the right tones...the pedal is great, amazing in fact for metal distortion just im not too great with the EQ...also my amp is a vox ad15vt and im thinking maybe i shud upgrade or what?
good standard metal setting involves lots of highs and lows, with less mids. don't cut them all the way out, but mabye around 3-4.
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bass 8 mid 4 treble 8 gain 6? idk where that came from but what the hell just try it and pretend it helps. and of course, this would work for EVERY single metal song ever created, and cannot be changed for various bands...
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