I promise to return crits this time. I haven't done so before because I haven't had the time.

And she had trouble crossing the swollen brook
But she reached the other side thanks to the lost book
One that hero and enemy have searched through wind and snow
They just had to clear the mist from the window
And there it would lie, dormant and waiting
For the hero or heroine to pick it up and then dancing
In to the meadow of rapeseed

But they couldn’t find it and she leapt at the chance
To write her name in history
And carve it on the stones
Then she could be known some day far away
As a fair-haired mighty woman who refused to play
The games the rag-and-bone man had lined up for her
liked it in general but a few things bothered me. first of all a few of your rhymes sounded kind of forced in the first stanza. i liked the last three lines best out of those i guess.
the second stazna i didnt really have any problems with, except maybe it didnt quite feel completely conclusive somehow, maybe just me tho.
ya other than that its pretty good. my favorite part was probly the very end, although i think you should add a little something after it.
if you can crit mine thatd be cool, youll probly tear it up if you do but i guess thats the point anyway. thanks