does anyone know what their setup is... all i know is that they use EMG pickup's.
From Wiki:

"Dutkiewicz uses Caparison PLM-3 guitars with EMG pickups (85 in the bridge, two SA single coils in the middle and neck positions), Maxon AD9 Delay and Maxon OD808 Overdrive, and Hughes and Kettner Triamps, with Mesa and Hughes & Kettner 4x12 Cabinets, both loaded with Celestian Vintage 30s. He also uses a Sennheiser EW100 Wireless Unit, as well as Samson Powerbrite Pro, a Korg DTR-2000 Rack Tuner, and a Hughes & Kettner Triamp Footswitch. [3] Before using a Caparison guitar he used a Fender Stratocaster with a Twin blade humbucker that replaced the single coil on the bridge. More recently, Dutkiewicz has been known to use Framus Cobra amps instead of the Hughes and Kettner Triamps."

and Joel

"Stroeztel uses Caparison Dellinger and Angelus guitars and Framus amplifiers."

There ya go